Monday, July 18, 2011

I Love Clouds

When we look at clouds most of us see much more than just water vapor or ice crystals. We see the fascinating and beautiful shapes and are enthralled as they shift, soar, fly and change form. I wonder, do other creatures see clouds the way we do? Or do they simply see them as part of the weather patterns that rule their lives? Certainly we are the only creatures who seem to be able to take something we can only see in our minds and put it into a form which can then be seen and interpreted by others. But are we the only ones who can look at some random pattern in the sky, or on a patch of tree bark, or tea leaves and see something more? Perhaps this is what truly sets us apart from the "lower" animals.

I do Tarot readings (though I have been taking a bit of a long break from them). Tarot cards have some meanings that are somewhat set by the artist. But for many Tarot readers, we look at the pictures with just a basic idea set in our minds (such as Cups relating to emotions) but we draw from our subconscious, and sometimes from beyond ourselves, to build on that and form a picture of what our client needs to know. Scrying is something else again. It is more related to seeing a jellyfish in the clouds ( than to looking at the images on a Tarot card. Scrying is usually done by looking at a surface or into a clear object and opening your mind to see beyond what is physically there. Yes, I do, in fact, own a crystal ball and I have successfully used it to learn about my spirit guides. But that's a whole other thing.

As artists, we see things differently, don't we? Other people might see a bottle laying in the sand and think nothing of it, an artist sees the irony and takes a photograph; ( Some people might stand on a balcony above a busy city street and just see hustle and bustle, but an artist sees color and light and shadow; ( I think most people certainly enjoy, or at least can appreciate art, regardless of the format. I personally work mostly with photographs (as is fairly obvious), and I am thankful and gratified when people enjoy the photographs I take. Nabeela21 and kvikken, whose photos I referenced, are artists in my eyes. As are many, many others on deviantArt ... and I am now severly drifting off topic. <sigh>

We as humans have an amazing capacity to IMAGINE. We are the only species on our planet who have developed the ability to share what we imagine through art. Other creatures certainly experience emotion - dogs immediately come to mind - a lovely creature who will love us in spite of ourselves. But only we can express our emotions, thoughts and imagination through art. Whether a sculpture, painting, sketch or photograph (or any other medium) art, and apparently immagination, are truly human.

This is why I love clouds ... they remind me of how wonderful imagination can be.

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